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APER-PYRO, positive results

4 août 2016

SEIMI is one of the founding companies of APER-PYRO, the eco-organization which has been working for several months on making its customers aware of the regulations regarding the treatment of pyrotechnics.

SEIMI Marine Equipments treats and recycles your pyrotechnic product with APER-PYRO


As we mentioned in our article dated February 22nd 2016, APER-PYRO is an eco-organization allowing for mariners in possession of pyrotechnic items to benefit from collection points, at partners’ shops and through official collectors who are recognised and registered by the association.

We remind you that every 3 years the regulation imposes that your security equipment (distress signals) be renewed. However, these articles cannot be stored or thrown out as per ordinary waste, due to the security risks this would present to all.

A simple service

Since October 2015, the APER-PYRO organisation has been certified by different Departments including the Department of the Environment, for the collection and treatment of distress signals.

APER-PYRO has now handled and treated several hundreds of distress and hand-held flares.

Awareness actions

On the Atlantic coasts, the SNSM is conducting an awareness campaign concerning on-board security. Remember to check your safety equipment and pay special attention to their expiry dates.

Eco-responsibility policy

For several months, SEIMI has committed to preventive actions concerning the environment. In our building we have already established strict measures in the sorting and recycling of our waste. Since 2010 we have been a member of “Réseau d’entreprises Eco-Responsable de Bretagne”, so it is only natural that we decided to take an active role and join the APER-PYRO project.

In the press

Found across various media, APER-PYRO is already much talked about:

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