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Gluing and mastics

SEIMI has selected the best marine adhesives and sealants for optimum efficiency. The largest brands Sika, SUPERGLUE and 3M glue protect and provide quality seals on your boat

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COLLESINTO-glue cyano 8 gr  -seimi

Cyano glue 8 g


A powerful cyanoacrylate adhesive designed for precise assembly, offering ultra-fast setting.

Public price TTC19.28 €

IN0106116100-fast drying glue fast glue 1-seimi

Fast drying glue Fast Glue 1

Réf. IN0106116100

Public price TTC32.39 €

IN016136100-fast drying glue fast glue 3-seimi

Fast drying glue Fast Glue 3

Réf. IN016136100

Public price TTC32.39 €