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Professional pyrotechnic distress signals

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1627-comet linethrower rocket-seimi


Réf. 1627

Public price TTC343.67 €

1620-comet smoke signal orange 4min.-seimi

Comet Smoke Signal Orange 4min

Réf. 1620

Public price TTC55.96 €

1315-day and night signal-seimi

Day & Night fire signal

Réf. 1315

Public price TTC89.10 €

PY600045-distress gun-seimi

Distress gun

Réf. PY600045

Public price TTC261.31 €

PY600042-green cartridge ( unit price) per box of 10 pièces-seimi

Green cartridge

Réf. PY600042

Public price TTC18.74 €

1604-comet line-throwing device 250 single shot-seimi

Line throwing

Réf. 1604

Public price TTC656.69 €

PY600048-magnesium cartidge-seimi

Magnesium cartidge

Réf. PY600048

Public price TTC26.20 €

1616-light and smoke signal-seimi

Man over board + integrated support

Réf. 1616

Public price TTC785.83 €

PY600040-pistol flares launches + 3 cartridges-seimi

Pistol flares launches + 3 red cartridges

Réf. PY600040

Public price TTC261.96 €