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Electric propulsion of vessels

By offering the Kraütler electric motors for boats, SEIMI starts a strategic shift towards electrification & hybridization of vessels, in order to satisfy a clientele concerned about participating in the preservation of our eco-system and support the energy transition of the maritime sector.

A pioneer in electric propulsion since 1971, Kräutler offers a range of reliable and efficient boat engines manufactured in Europe. This wide range makes it possible to equip both day-boats and passenger transport boats with power from 0.5 to 42 kW. Kräutler carefully defines its entire control chain by offering robust controllers and control boxes for professional use.

Our teams are at your disposal to help you choose your electric propulsion solution, from its control system to the associated energy solution, from generation to storage.

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Camera for KCU 3.5 and KCU 5.7 control units

Réf. KR141590

Camera for KCU 3.5 and KCU 5.7 control units.

Public price TTCN.C.

Control unit KCU 5.7 96 V

Réf. KR139882

Control unit KCU 5.7 96 V for passenger vessels with possibility of connecting a camera.

Public price TTCN.C.

Option mechanical seal for shaft Ø 25 mm

Réf. KR104446

Public price TTCN.C.

Shaft Ø 25 mm up to 1,4 m with stern tube 0,5 m and rubber packing

Réf. KR139538

Public price TTCN.C.

Special base plate

Réf. KR105322

Public price TTCN.C.

Stern bearing to be screwed from outside

Réf. KR103247

Public price TTCN.C.