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Halogen floodlights

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PPI500-stainless steel floodlight -230v- 200/500w-seimi

Stainless steel floodlight - 230 V - 200/500 W

Réf. PPI500

Halogen deck lights

Public price TTCN.C.

125G635-floodlight with 2 sockets  g 6.35-seimi

Aluminium Series deck floodlight 12/24 V 200 W

Réf. 125G635

Halogen deck floodlight, supplied without bulb.

Public price TTC166.55 €

12510-aluminium floodlight -230v- 1000/1500w-seimi

Aluminium Series deck floodlight 230 V 1000/1500 W

Réf. 12510

Halogen deck lights

Public price TTC481.12 €

12505-aluminium floodlight 28v-200w / 220v-400w-seimi

Aluminium Series deck floodlight 24 V 200 W

Réf. 12505

Delivered without bulb

Public price TTC381.01 €

PPIL23025-60HZ-ponant led deck light 230 v - 316l stainless steel body - 3000 lm - 25 w-seimi

PONANT LED deck light 230 V - 316L stainless steel body - 3000 lm - 25 W

Réf. PPIL23025-60HZ

French-made Led deck floodlights, meeting EMC requirements. PONANT, an outdoor floodlight, is specially designed with a painted 316L stainless steel body and stainless steel fittings. Unlike floodlights with...

Public price TTC539.50 €

PPSO1224-halogen floodlight 12v- 55w-seimi

White ABS spotlight 12 V 55 W

Réf. PPSO1224

Halogen deck floodlight

Public price TTC112.92 €