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SEIMI has selected a wide range of water, diesel and petrol tanks in small or large capacities, for all marine applications. We provide you with flexible or customised tanks adaptated to all kinds of ships

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RE10712-reservoir eau douce 107l - 12v - 1050x390x290 mm-seimi

Fresh water tank 107 l - 12 V

Réf. RE10712

Tanks made of high-density polyethylene.

Public price TTC425.83 €

RE6012-reservoir eau douce 60l - 12v - 850x390x200 mm-seimi

Fresh water tank 60 l - 12 V

Réf. RE6012

Tanks made of high-density polyethylene.

Public price TTC429.70 €

RE7712-reservoir eau douce 77l - 12v - 750x390x290 mm-seimi

Fresh water tank 77 l - 12 V

Réf. RE7712

Water tanks fully equipped with inspection hatch, vent plug and suction tube. Accessories for gravitational drainage can be added on request.

Public price TTC440.56 €