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Accessories for inflatable vests and lifejackets

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SP300024-co2 cartridge 24gr-seimi

24 g CO2 cartridge

Réf. SP300024

CO2 spare cartridge for self-inflating lifejacket

Public price TTC16.96 €

LIF2875-united moulders (um) automatic kit 24gr-seimi

24g Auto Re-Arm Kit

Réf. LIF2875

The automatic Halkey system is activated when the coil comes into contact with water. The inside of the spool dissolves and allows the mechanism to strike the CO2 cartridge. The gas then flows into the valve...

Public price TTCN.C.

BR-solas reflective tape 50mm to glue-seimi

50 mm adhesive reflective tape - 45.70 m roll - SOLAS approved


This range of reflective tape meets the requirements of SOLAS 74/83. Also available as retroreflective tape.

Public price TTC5.03 €

SP300060-cartouche co2 60gr-seimi

60 g CO2 cartridge

Réf. SP300060

CO2 spare cartridge for self-inflating lifejacket

Public price TTC33.96 €

AQ8A-lampe flash  aquaspec aq8a solas - alcaline-seimi

Aquaspec AQ8A SOLAS Flashlight - Alkaline - For Life Jacket

Réf. AQ8A

This alkaline battery-powered flashlight activates automatically on contact with water and has an off switch.

Public price TTC15.08 €

SP404224-kit automatic reset 150n child-seimi

Auto Inflatable 150N UML Kit with 24g Trigger and Clips

Réf. SP404224

UML reset kit

Public price TTCN.C.

RUML275N-rearmanent kit-seimi

Auto Inflatable 275N UML Kit with 60g Trigger and Clips

Réf. RUML275N

UML reset kit

Public price TTC69.70 €

LIF8415-challenger crotch strap-seimi

Challenger Crotch strap

Réf. LIF8415

Universal subcutaneous strap to fit most lifejackets.

Public price TTC15.36 €

SP300033-co2 cartridge 33gr-seimi

CO2 cartridge 33 g

Réf. SP300033

CO2 spare cartridge for self-inflating lifejacket

Public price TTC10.61 €