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Engine environment

SEIMI takes special care of your boat's engine environment. We have selected the most innovative manufacturers in the field of engine environment, such as Halyard, the world reference in standard and custom-made exhausts. SEIMI also provides you with fire-rated foams and soundproofing plates to meet the highest requirements of the boatbuilding industry. Efficient engine control is essential for ensuring performance and on-board safety. The control instruments determine the amount of fuel saved. SEIMI provides you with innovative solutions, such as the Floscan fuel monitoring system which allows you to manage your fuel consumption on board. SEIMI works with both VDO and SEIN, leading names in measuring tools and engine control for marine applications. Voltmeters, ammeters, freshwater and saltwater indicators, as well as all other types of indicator for marine applications selected by the SEIMI team offer you high quality and precision. SEIMI also offers you a wide selection of probes, gauges and sensors for your security and safety on board.

Filtering and treating fluids on board will improve and guarantee the performance of the vessel. Fuel quality is often a problem and causes regular and costly breakdowns in the operation of your vessel. SEIMI provides you with the best solutions for fuel, bilge water and grey water treatment, with a selection of leading brands in the maritime sector such as Racord, Vetus, Micfil, Wavestream, Wavebrite or Sepflutech. SEIMI also offers a wide range of tanks to store all types of fluids on board pleasure or professionnal boats.