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Gluing and mastics

SEIMI has selected the best marine adhesives and sealants for optimum efficiency. The largest brands Sika, SUPERGLUE and 3M glue protect and provide quality seals on your boat

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IN0106040155-anaerobic thread locker inno-lock medium-seimi

Anaerobic thread locker Inno-Lock Medium

Réf. IN0106040155

Inno-Lock is an anaerobic threadlocking adhesive developed with state-of-the-art technology in this field, offering three levels of strength: Medium, Strong and Extra Strong. Inno-Lock Medium is designed as ...

Public price TTC59.80 €

IN9021010000-easy/power gasket cap-seimi

Easy/Power Gasket cap

Réf. IN9021010000

Public price TTC0.73 €

STOPFILET-stop filet 8 gr -seimi



Public price TTC22.82 €

IN0106080555-thread seal 100 ml-seimi

Thread Seal 100 ml

Réf. IN0106080555

Thread Seal is a versatile thread sealant based on PTFE ingredients with a thixotropic consistency. It is suitable for use on virtually all types of threads. Thread Seal is the ideal solution for fast and p...

Public price TTC79.74 €

IN9020969999-thread seal nozzle glue dispenser-seimi

Thread Seal Nozzle glue dispenser

Réf. IN9020969999

The glue nozzle included with the Thread Seal product is specially designed to ensure an even distribution of Innotec Thread Seal on the surface, allowing for a professional and uniform application. The supp...

Public price TTC7.87 €