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Haulers and reels

A selection of durable, reliable line haulers, designed for recreational sea fishing or professional fishing. Manufactured with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art engineering, our line haulers guarantee optimum performance with every use.

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BLUESEA-blue sea line hauler with rod-seimi

Blue Sea manual line screw with rod


Reel with deep-drawn aluminium flange to be fixed on a rail.

Public price TTC656.76 €

NLH200-line and net hauler - 12 v 600 watt - pull 90 kg-seimi

Electric line & pot hauler - Pull 90 kg

Réf. NLH200

For recreational boats.

Public price TTC2,285.05 €

LH200-electric line hauler 12 volts 600w - pull 90 kg-seimi

Electric line hauler LH200 - 600 W - pull 90 kg - 12 V

Réf. LH200

This electric line hauler is recommended for recreational boats. Equipped with foldable hauling arm to occupy less space of use.

Public price TTC1,509.14 €

LH300-electric line & pot hauler - 12v - 800w pull 140 kg-seimi

Electric line hauler LH300 - 900 W - pull 140 kg

Réf. LH300

For recreational boats

Public price TTC1,820.99 €

LH700-hydraulic lines & pot hauler - pull 320 kg-seimi

Hydraulic line & pot hauler - Pull 320 kg

Réf. LH700

A compact hydraulic hauler designed for heavy leisure fishing and light commercial fishing.

Public price TTC4,338.07 €

LH500-hydraulic lines & pot hauler - pull 230 kg-seimi

Hydraulic lines & pot hauler - 12 l/mn

Réf. LH500

A compact hydraulic hauler designed for heavy leisure fishing and light commercial fishing.

Public price TTC3,608.56 €

GLLONG-long guide line for ula reel-seimi

Long line guide adaptable to ULA reels


Public price TTC159.12 €

VLB100BD-vire ligne a bande traction 100 kg 60 m/mn 175 bars 45kgs version babord-seimi

Portside V-belt line-hauler

Réf. VLB100BD

Belt winder with hydraulic motor drive controlled by a rotary distributor.

Public price TTCN.C.

HTL03RBBD-pot hauler to be fixed on rail type hlt03rb  port version-seimi

Pot hauler type HTL 03 RB portside model - 210 kg pull


HTL 03 RB crate lifter, 300 kg pull. Small and compact Pot hauler with rail bracket or column.

Public price TTC12,751.09 €