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Norsap 800 series

Norsap 800 series

The Norsap 800 is a perfect and compact, skipper chair for smaller wheelhouses and bridges without com-promising on ergonomic design and comfort. The 800 series has an 80 mm diameter column in various heights. The flanged base has six mounting points for secure fastening to the deck. The chair is designed to integrate with a deck rail, which can be delivered as a flush or top-mounted rail. The seat features various adjustments to allow for the best ergonomic position when seated.

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SKIP10CON-kit service 060 sp neo-seimi

Comfort Norsap 800 pilot chair

Réf. 6200

Public price TTC3,734.42 €

SKIP10STD-seat type skipper 10 black leather / column with manual control 620/820 mm-seimi

Standard Norsap 800 pilot chair

Réf. 6100

Public price TTC3,581.76 €

SKIP10OF-standard desk skipper chair heigth adjustable 520/570  without footrest-seimi


Réf. 6150

Public price TTC3,813.94 €

SKIP10OP-skipper chair 10 operator / gas column with impact absorber 500/550 mm-seimi

Operator Norsap 800 pilot chair

Réf. 6170

Public price TTC3,217.60 €