Norsap 1000 series

Norsap 1000 series

Norsap 1000 is a chair that fits in most vessels. With the option of having accessories integrated in the armrests such as joysticks, cup holders, mouse or note tables. The chair is mounted on a 100mm-diameter column, which creates a firm base for the footrest and seat. The flanged base is designed for permanent deck mounting, but it can also be integrated with an optional deck rail solution.

The seat features various adjustments to allow for the best ergonomic position when seated. Standard ad-justments are backrest, seat position on glide rails, 360° rotation, gas-dampened height adjustment, flip-up adjustable armrests, and fold-up footrest.

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SKIP20CPM-skipper  seat 1000 comfort with impact absorber / gas column 630/770 mm-seimi

Comfort Norsap 1000 pilot chair - small model

Réf. 6020

Public price TTC4,815.46 €

SKIP20CGM-skipper seat 20 comfort black leather with gas column 690/900 mm with impact absorber - foot big model-seimi

Comfort Norsap 1000 pilot chair, big model

Réf. 6010

Public price TTC4,621.36 €

SKIP20STD-skipper seat 20 standard black leather - fixed column - std heigth 900 mm-seimi

Standard Norsap 1000 pilot chair

Réf. 6000

Public price TTC4,340.06 €

SKIP20S-seat skipper 20 with suspension-seimi

Norsap 1000 with suspension

Réf. 6028

Public price TTC5,132.34 €

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