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Engine controls

SEIMI has selected a wide range of VDO and SEIN indicators and navigation instruments for safe navigation in all sea conditions. The sensors and probes selected by SEIMI let you control your navigation and measure your performance. The VDO and SEIN marine sensors and transmitters will give you the most accurate measurements

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AMP100S-ammeter 12/24v scale 100-0-100 + shunt-seimi

AMMETER 12/24V SCALE 100-0-100 + SHUNT

Réf. AMP100S

Public price TTC243.24 €

AMP150S-ammeter 12/24v scale 150-0-150 + shunt-seimi

AMMETER 12/24V SCALE 150-0-150 + SHUNT

Réf. AMP150S

Public price TTC208.49 €

AMP60S-ammeter 12/24v scale 60-0-60-seimi

AMMETER 12/24V SCALE 60-0-60

Réf. AMP60S

Public price TTC67.69 €

AMP-ammeter diam 52 mm 12/24v - 60 a-seimi

AMMETER DIAM 52 MM 12/24V - 60 A

Réf. AMP

Public price TTC76.02 €

SHUNT60-shunt for ampermeter 12v-seimi


Réf. SHUNT60

Public price TTC80.82 €