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With its wide range of anodes, SEIMI provides cathodic protection of the hull and topsides to ensure ship longivity. Magnesium or zinc anodes for fresh water or sea water, the quality of the anode is important in preventing corrosion

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ANO235-spare anode for propeller shaft : 35mm-seimi

35 mm replacement anode for propeller shaft

Réf. ANO235

Shaft anode zinc conical.

Public price TTC13.80 €

ANOAH1600-anode a pendre alliage aluminium hydral diam.35mm l 250mm -0.8 kg-seimi

Aluminium mooring anode ø 35 mm - long. 250 mm

Réf. ANOAH1600

Hanging anode

Public price TTC78.62 €

ANO6260-anode for shaft 60mm-seimi

Anode for 60 mm shaft

Réf. ANO6260

Shaft anode zinc 6-side.

Public price TTC55.10 €

ANO836-anode collier etroit d35-seimi

Anode narrow collar - internal ø 35 mm

Réf. ANO836

Narrow collar anodes

Public price TTC14.81 €

ANO6201-anode shaft 100mm-seimi

Anode shaft 100 mm

Réf. ANO6201

Shaft anode zinc 6-side.

Public price TTC88.78 €

ANO705-anode bec de canard d35 e 10mm-seimi

Duckbill anode - ø 35 mm - thickness 10 mm

Réf. ANO705

Zinc duckbill anode, Ø 35 mm, thickness 10 mm

Public price TTCN.C.

ANO801-anode collier etroit 19-seimi

Narrow collar - inside ø 19 mm

Réf. ANO801

Narrow collar anodes

Public price TTCN.C.

ANO806-anode collier d'arbre d22-seimi

Narrow collar - inside ø 22 mm

Réf. ANO806

Narrow collar anodes

Public price TTC11.40 €

ANO812-anode collier d'arbre d25-seimi

Narrow collar - inside ø 25 mm

Réf. ANO812

Narrow collar anodes

Public price TTC19.96 €