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Lighting & Signalling

Essential on board to warn of possible danger, for night-time travel, to compensate for a possible power failure, to light up an area, to signal one's presence to other users of the sea... boat lighting fulfils many functions. Navigation lights, searchlights, deck lights, signalling lights, area lighting, ceiling lights, wall lights, spotlights, LED tubes, strip lights, portable lighting... SEIMI provides you with a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions (LED, halogen. ...) to equip pleasure boats, yachts and professional vessels, by rigorously selecting from the biggest brands - DHR (Den Haan Rotterdam), Francis, Tranberg, Mantagua, E-LED Lighting, Aquasignal... - products known for their performance, durability and reliability.

You will also find a wide selection of bulbs and spare parts in our "Lighting & Signage" section.