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Fishing & Hydraulics

Hydraulic & Fishing

Fishing boat equipment has been in the DNA of SEIMI Marine Equipment for 45 years. Our team has contributed to the innovation and improvement of on-board working conditions on fishing vessels. SEIMI Marine Equipment was one of the first to offer automatic fishing gear for fishing with cages, nets or trawling. Building on our experience in equipping fishing boats, we have selected a complete range of products adapted to all fishing work in partnership with Rapp Hydema, Spencer & Carter. Long-line systems, hooks, haulers, reels, fishing lines, capstans, trawling nets and all fishing accessories are available.

On board, hydraulic management is a guarantee of strength, flexibility and robustness. Many professional materials are supplied by the hydraulic energy on board. SEIMI Marine Equipment helps you to make the right choice for pumps and hydraulics gear motors, hydraulic autonomous systems, accessories and components, clutches and also maintenance solutions. The on-board hydraulic factor is important in the performance and the longevity of your equipment. Pumps can be directly coupled or connected through the help of mechanical and electromagnetical clutches. Tank size and filtration are also elements you need to consider because if oversized, it could improve the productivity and the lifespan of your equipment. The SEIMI team will help you to find the best solution for your boat.