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Manual LED searchlights

SEIMI offers you a complete range of LED searchlights for manually operated boats! High-performance LEDs guarantee long life and low energy consumption, so you can enjoy reliable, efficient illumination for long periods of navigation.
Enjoy exceptional visibility in the darkest conditions and the most demanding marine environments, by choosing the LED manual searchlight best suited to your use from our selection of top brands.

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230CS220-projecteur de recherche led dhr type 230cs 240v 75w-seimi

DHR230 Cabin Controlled Searchlight 230mm

Réf. 230CS220

The DHR 230 Series LED searchlight, type CS (controlled from the wheelhouse), is designed for professional use on boats, such as tugboats, high-speed vessels, workboats, and inland navigation vessels. It fe...

Public price TTC2,747.29 €

L230CLED24-projecteur serie lite led l 230 c -  24 v - 40 w  avec commande  cabine  - faisceau 5°-seimi

L230C LED lite series spotlight - 24 V - 40 W with cab control - 5° beam

Réf. L230CLED24

Lite LED spotlight series L230C - 24V - 40W with cabin control - 5° beam.

Public price TTCN.C.

L230DLED24-projecteur serie lite led l 230 d -  24 v - 40 w  avec commande  directe - faisceau 5°-seimi

L230D LED lite series spotlight - 24 V - 40 W with drum control - 5° beam angle

Réf. L230DLED24

Lite series LED L230D - 24V - 40W spotlight with drum control.

Public price TTCN.C.

L300C LED lite series spotlight - 230 V - 234W medium 6° cab control

Réf. L300CLED220

Lite LED L300C series spotlight - 230V - 234W 6° mid-range cab control.

Public price TTC16,375.10 €

L300CP LED lite series spotlight - 230 V - 234 W medium 6° beam control

Réf. L300CPLED220

Lite series LED L300CP spotlight - 230V - 234W 6° column mid-beam control and manual override included.

Public price TTC17,357.84 €

L300DP LED lite series spotlight - 230 V - 234 W with column and direct control on the drum

Réf. L300DPLED220

Lite LED L300DP series spotlight - 230V - 234W with column and direct drum control.

Public price TTCN.C.

150CBLED-projecteur de recherche sÉrie "150 cb" led - 12-32 volts 

LED spotlight 150 CB 12-32 V

Réf. 150CBLED

The DHR150 Searchlight is the most compact searchlight manufactured by DHR

Public price TTC715.54 €

180DSLED-projecteur de recherche sÉrie "180 ds" led - 12-32 volts 

LED spotlight 180 DS 12-32 V

Réf. 180DSLED

150 & 180 Series LED searchlights

Public price TTC1,209.12 €

M14LED1224-projecteur led type m14 - commande cabine 12-24v 72w-seimi

Manual LED Spotlight M14 12/24V 72W

Réf. M14LED1224

The M14 LED floodlight provides vehicles and small craft with high quality, long-lasting lighting. Highly effective with the handle for handling inside the cab or vehicle.

Public price TTC995.44 €