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Telecommunication & VHF

Telecommunication equipment is crucial for safety and communication on boats. VHF (Very High Frequency) radios are standard communication equipment for mariners, allowing clear and reliable communication with other vessels and shore stations. VHF radios are often equipped with advanced features such as automatic location in case of emergency, which can be vital for rescue operations at sea. VHF radios are also available in a variety of models and styles to suit the needs of different types of boats and mariners. By choosing the right VHF radio and learning how to use it correctly, mariners can improve their safety at sea and communicate effectively with other boats and shore stations.

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Réf. ICM73E+

High robustness

Public price TTC565.42 €

ICM37E-portatif marine vhf 156-163mhz 6w, 70 canaux,
avec écran lcd et clavier simple, étanchéité ip57
(immersion 30min à 1m de profondeur)
avec fonction "aquaquake", flottante
avec système float'n flash, fonctions boost,
double et triple -seimi

Portatif marine VHF 156-163MHz 6W, 70 canaux, avec écran LCD et clavier simple, étanchéité IP57 (immersion 30min à 1m de profondeur) avec fonction "AquaQuake", flottante avec système Float'N Flash, fonctions Boost, double et triple veille, historique des 5 derniers canaux utilisés pour un rappel rapide, alarme batterie faible. Livré avec batterie, chargeur, antenne et clip ceinture

Réf. ICM37E

ICOM IC-M37E Portable Floating Marine VHF

Public price TTC396.90 €

ICM87ATEX-vhf portable atex-seimi



Public price TTCN.C.

ICM510E-vhf radio ic-m510e / with integrated gps receiver-seimi

VHF radio IC-M510E / with integrated GPS receiver

Réf. ICM510E

Public price TTC1,224.59 €