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Bilge pumps

To drain your boat bilge water, SEIMI has selected Rule and Spx Johnson Pump bilge pumps. We have a wide range of accessories for both brands of bilge pump: control panels, level switches, bilge alarms

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PSV30-submersible pump 220v mono flow 7m3/h-seimi

Colibri 80 submersible pump with single-phase float 230 V - 13 m3/h

Réf. PSV30

For water with solids content

Public price TTC890.50 €

PS20-immersed pump 220 v 50 hz 17 m3/h-seimi

Immersed Pump 220V 50HZ 17 m3/h

Réf. PS20

For raising clean water.

Public price TTC1,386.22 €

PS14-immersed pump ps 14 220 vmono 12 m3/h-seimi

Immersed Pump PS 14 220V Mono 12 m³/h

Réf. PS14

For raising clean water

Public price TTC919.40 €

PSV41-submersible pump 400v tri debit 51 m3/h-seimi

Kormoran 200 submersible pump with three-phase float 400 V - 51 m3/h

Réf. PSV41

Submersible pump for lifting wastewater.

Public price TTC1,924.72 €

PSV34-submersible pump 220v mono debit 17m3/h-seimi

Submersible pump with vortex impeller PSV34 - 230 V 17 m3/h

Réf. PSV34

Submersible pump for lifting wastewater.

Public price TTC1,669.80 €