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Controls and accessories for proportional systems

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AJ1-aj1 - btac and bt dc-ac thrusters proportional control-seimi

AJ1 - BTAC and BT DC-AC thrusters proportional control

Réf. AJ1

AJ1 is a device which proportionally controls BTAC and BT DC-AC Quick® thrusters. The one-axis joystick allows the boat to move to the right or to the left.

Public price TTC1,114.37 €

AMCADPA-amc adp a adapter for ac actuators-seimi

AMC ADP A adapter for AC actuators


Public price TTC428.98 €

AMCADPD-amc adp d adapter for dc actuators-seimi

AMC ADP D adapter for DC actuators


Public price TTC532.28 €

AMCADPH-amc adp h adapter for hydraulic system actuators-seimi

AMC ADP H adapter for hydraulic system actuators


Public price TTC412.57 €

AMC-amc analog multiple control-seimi

AMC analog multiple control

Réf. AMC

Public price TTC1,049.34 €

AMC extension cable 10 m

Réf. AMCEX100

Public price TTC242.45 €

AMC extension cable 20 m

Réf. AMCEX200

Public price TTC291.04 €

AMC extension cable 3 m

Réf. AMCEX030

Public price TTC145.84 €

AMC extension cable 5 m

Réf. AMCEX050

Public price TTC194.45 €