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Telecommunication & VHF

Telecommunication equipment is crucial for safety and communication on boats. VHF (Very High Frequency) radios are standard communication equipment for mariners, allowing clear and reliable communication with other vessels and shore stations. VHF radios are often equipped with advanced features such as automatic location in case of emergency, which can be vital for rescue operations at sea. VHF radios are also available in a variety of models and styles to suit the needs of different types of boats and mariners. By choosing the right VHF radio and learning how to use it correctly, mariners can improve their safety at sea and communicate effectively with other boats and shore stations.

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GM742-hand microphone , type "gm742"-seimi

GM742 handheld microphone

Réf. GM742

Handheld microphone GM-742

Public price TTC236.71 €

GM820-micro a main gm820-seimi

Hand-held microphone GM820

Réf. GM820

The GM-820 handheld microphone is a unidirectional dynamic microphone, both elegant and easy to use (on/off switch), designed for high speech intelligibility.

Public price TTC321.36 €

GM1052-pupitre microphone flexible
alimentation fantome ( par amplificateur )-seimi

Microphone desk GM-1052

Réf. GM1052

The GM-1052 is an easy-to-use, unidirectional electret microphone desk for all your message broadcasting needs.

Public price TTC284.66 €

PZ10-headphones for noisy environment power: 200 mw-seimi

PS901 200 mW headset microphone

Réf. PZ10

Headphone for noisy environment

Public price TTC946.87 €

RB401-ceiling loud-speaker inside, in white metal-seimi

RB-401 ceiling loudspeaker

Réf. RB401

Ceiling speaker ranging from 1.5W to 6W Wide sound dispersion Versatile and discreet

Public price TTC166.13 €

5019-sound projector inside, in grey plastic-seimi

RB-5019 sound projector

Réf. RB5019

The RB-5019 sound projector is a sound diffuser. Indoor sound projector - 6W. Its fixing system makes it quick and easy to install on a wall or ceiling.

Public price TTC116.28 €

PC3112-poste chef de puissance pr 12 directions haut parleur alim 12/48v-seimi

Stand-alone power master PC-3112

Réf. PC3112

The PC 3112 is a power intercom master station. This new-generation intercom with enhanced performance is equipped with a high-efficiency class D amplifier and an integrated loudspeaker offering high sound ...

Public price TTC1,632.12 €

PS2601-secondary 1w power set-seimi

Substation PS-2601 1 W

Réf. PS2601

Secondary power set of mixed transceiver power

Public price TTC152.62 €

PS630-poste secondaire puissance 15w-seimi

Substation PS-630 15 W

Réf. PS630

Mixed transmitter/receiver power substation

Public price TTC429.14 €