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HJX Series - Next Generation Waterjets

HJX Series - Next Generation Waterjets

The next generation of globally popular HJ waterjet range. The compact inboard footprint make HJX waterjets ideal for vessels up to 25 metres (vessel dependant), particularly Military Patrol, Aquaculture, Search and Rescue and recreational boats.

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HJX29-hjx29 waterjet-seimi

HJX29 Waterjet

Réf. HJX29

Featuring a new hydrodynamic, compact design and advanced materials for redefined performance, the HJX is HamiltonJet's smallest, yet most powerful waterjet to date.

Public price TTCN.C.

HJX29-hydrojet hjx29 hamiltonjet-seimi

Hydrojet HJX29 HamiltonJet

Réf. HJX29G

Doté d’un nouveau design hydrodynamique, compact et de matériaux de pointe pour des performances redéfinies, l’HJX est le plus petit hydrojet HamiltonJet, mais le plus performant à ce jour.

Public price TTCN.C.