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Pots hauler

Pots hauler - Fishing gear

Our pots hauler for both recreational and professional marine fishing are designed for practicality and efficiency. Easy to use and sturdy, our products allow you to organize your fishing gear in the best possible way, making your fishing sessions easier. With different options available to meet your specific needs, you can find the perfect pot hauler for your fishing vessel.

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CL3-capstan/slave line haulers all with cast iron hauling sheaves - 1000lb-seimi

Capstan/slave line haulers - Pulling 455 kg

Réf. CL3

Rack and pinion, 500 kg pull

Public price TTC5,380.56 €

CL4-capstan/slave line haulers all with cast iron hauling sheaves - 1400lb-seimi

Capstan/slave line haulers - Pulling 630 kg

Réf. CL4

Rack and pinion, 700 kg pull

Public price TTC5,444.16 €

CL2-capstan/slave line haulers all with cast iron hauling sheaves 600/750lb-seimi

Capstan/slave line haulers - Pulling capacity 350 kg

Réf. CL2

Rack and pinion, 350 kg pull

Public price TTC3,246.79 €

PSOLO-davit for net hauler "nho 01 solo"-seimi

Davit For Net Hauler solo NHO01


Automatic net hauler built in aluminium, withstand sea water. Suitable for boats up to 8 meters

Public price TTC957.19 €

FSOLO-potting attachment for "nho 01 solo"-seimi

Flange with knife for thread winder NHO01


Options for automatic SOLO type net hauler built in aluminum resistant to sea water, it is suitable for boats up to approximately 8 meters.

Public price TTC2,264.16 €

SP3F-pot hauler 1500 kg with extracting knife and capstan drum-seimi

Hydraulic crate lifter - Pull 1500 kg

Réf. SP3F

Rack and pinion, 1 500 kg pull

Public price TTC20,711.35 €

SP2F-hydraulic pot hauler type "sp 2f"-seimi

Hydraulic crate lifter - Pull 990 kg

Réf. SP2F

Rack and pinion, 1 000 kg pull

Public price TTC10,675.27 €

PB1-standard 'p' bracket type "pb 1" for cl2-seimi

PB1 standard jib for CL2 locker lifter

Réf. PB1

Bracket for CL2 hauler

Public price TTC1,974.79 €

PB2-standard 'p' bracket type "pb 2" for cl3-seimi

PB2 standard bracket for CL3 locker winder

Réf. PB2

Bracket for CL2 hauler

Public price TTC2,413.63 €