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Steering gears

The steering gear is a key mechanism for steering a ship's rudder. It consists of a tiller connected to the rudder by a system of cables and pulleys. By turning the tiller, the pilot can change the direction of the boat. The device can be operated manually or automatically by means of an autopilot system. Regular maintenance of the device is essential for safe and efficient navigation.

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Complete 2-position joystick - Harmony

Réf. XD2PA22

Two-position actuator Suitable for installation in a link mechanism or sheltered location Spring-based return mechanism Equipped with two contact points

Public price TTC272.04 €


Complete 4 position joystick - Harmony

Réf. XD2PA24

Manipulator, assembly exclusively in linkages or sheltered areas. Spring-driven recall mechanism.

Public price TTCN.C.

7170-ew23- m 24 v electr whistle + ampli + fog signal-seimi

Kobelt watertight joystick

Réf. 7170A1

Waterproof manipulator - 2 contacts

Public price TTC963.46 €

TL-tiller with lever type tl-seimi

Lever-operated tiller

Réf. TL

Public price TTC899.60 €