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With its wide range of anodes, SEIMI provides cathodic protection of the hull and topsides to ensure ship longivity. Magnesium or zinc anodes for fresh water or sea water, the quality of the anode is important in preventing corrosion

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VEZKITP-anode connection kit for g.r.p. hulls #-seimi

Anode connection kit for GRP hulls


Kit de montage anode pour coque en polyester

Public price TTC25.18 €

ANO1945-anode a boulonner 7kg-seimi

Bolt-on anode - 12000 gr

Réf. ANO1945

Bolt-on anode

Public price TTC247.13 €

ANO1905-bolt-on anode - 1200gr-seimi

Bolt-on anode - 1200gr

Réf. ANO1905

Bolt-on anode

Public price TTC32.04 €

ANO1705-anode plaque 155x75x25-seimi

Bolt-on anode - 155 x 75 x 25mm

Réf. ANO1705

Screw-in zinc or aluminium anode.

Public price TTC62.35 €

ANO1704-anode plaque 155x65x15-seimi

Bolt-on anode - 155x75x15 mm

Réf. ANO1704

Screw-in zinc or aluminium anode.

Public price TTC35.48 €

ANO1200-anode a boulonner 2.2kg-seimi

Bolt-on anode - 2200 gr

Réf. ANO1200

Zinc or aluminium core anode, bolt-on, 1.9 kg.

Public price TTC54.94 €

ANO1930-anode a boulonner 3kg-seimi

Bolt-on anode - 3000 gr

Réf. ANO1930

Bolt-on anode

Public price TTC75.38 €

ANO1701-anode plaque 65x65x10-seimi

Bolt-on anode - 65x65x10 mm

Réf. ANO1701

Screw-in zinc or aluminium anode.

Public price TTC11.39 €

ANO1702-anode plaque 98x45x8-seimi

Bolt-on anode - 98x45x8 mm

Réf. ANO1702

Screw-in zinc or aluminium anode.

Public price TTC18.50 €