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Steering controls

Indicators and rudder systems allow for remotely identifying rudder position. The rudder angle indicator works in conjunction with a rudder angle transmitter.

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7171SWA-s wheel 2 switches 1 pots-seimi

Control lever Kobelt 7171-SWA S/Wheel 2S-1P slave mode

Réf. 7171SWA

2 switches / 1 potentiometer

Public price TTC2,935.21 €

7171A-full follow-up control lever 2 switches and 1 potentiometer-seimi

Full Follow-up Control Lever Kobelt

Réf. 7171A

1 potentioemeter and 2 switches

Public price TTC1,731.18 €

IABMK-rudder angle ind. (master) - usa origin-seimi

Kobelt rudder angle indicator (Rudder feedback unit)


A boat rudder angle indicator is a navigation device that displays the angle of the boat's rudder relative to its direction of travel.

Public price TTC912.60 €

7174PP-rudder feedback unit os.2p-ot-seimi

Kobelt rudder angle transmitter

Réf. 7174PP

Bar angle transmitter with 1 or 2 potentiometers.

Public price TTC1,664.86 €

IABPK-panoramic 24 volt rudder angle-seimi

Panoramic rudder angle indicator


Panoramic bar angle indicator with backlight included Height: 111 mm

Public price TTC8,513.99 €

IABVDOPM1224-rudder angle indicator 52mm 12/24v 40°-seimi

Rudder Angle Indicator 52mm 12/24 V 40°


Bar angle indicator.

Public price TTC81.83 €

IABVDOGM1224-rudder angle indicator 85mm 12/24v 45°-seimi

Rudder Angle Indicator 85 mm 12 / 24V 45°


Bar angle indicator.

Public price TTC133.92 €

IAB03-indicateur angle de barre 03 Ø80 mm 40-0-40° su 90° 12/24 v. - maitre et esclave-seimi

Rudder angle indicator Ø 80 mm

Réf. IAB03

This instrument indicates the exact angle of the bar. It automatically detects whether it is being used as a master or slave.

Public price TTC426.56 €

7174B-rudder feedback unit 2s-2p-0t-seimi

Rudder angle transmitter

Réf. 7174

Bar angle transmitter with 1 or 2 potentiometers.

Public price TTC1,937.30 €