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HC020-remote control with chain counter mz hc020-seimi

MZ HC020 chain counter control panel

Réf. HC020

The MZ Electronic HC020 chain counter remote control for 12V or 24V electric windlass allows you to find all the essential information on an LCD screen when mooring. Replaces the EVO20 remote control.

Public price TTC421.88 €

WHC040-télécommande de guindeau mz hc200 2 fonctions-seimi

MZ WHC040 Handheld remote control units

Réf. WHC040

The WHC040 wireless remote control from MZ ELECTRONIC offers the user precise control of the windlass and bow thruster (up to 2 thrusters). Replaces the EV040 remote control.

Public price TTC557.78 €

HC200-remote control 2 ways mz hc200-seimi

Remote control 2 ways MZ HC200

Réf. HC200

HC series 2-function wired remote control for controlling the up/down movement of your chain. Replaces the EV200 windlass remote control.

Public price TTC93.24 €

HC300-télécommande de guindeau mz hc300 3 fonctions-seimi

Remote control 3 ways MZ HC300

Réf. HC300

HC series 3-function wired remote control for controlling the up/down movement of your chain. Replaces the EV300 windlass remote control.

Public price TTC129.52 €

RLG121200-boitier relais 12v 1300 w 130a-seimi

12 V - 1300 W - 130 A relay box

Réf. RLG121200

The MZ contactors and inverters are control devices for 2, 4 wires or permanent magnet DC motors.

Public price TTC110.95 €

CEPGLN-electrical  foot control climb-seimi

Black electric foot switch


Electric foot control for windlasses

Public price TTC22.73 €

CDL-electrical control windlasses bridge-seimi

Bridge control for 1 windlass

Réf. CDL

Electric control for gangway

Public price TTC32.11 €

CC011-chain counter flybridge backlit screen cc011-seimi

Chain Counter Flybridge Backlit Screen CC011

Réf. CC011

The CC011 chain counter is designed for optimum integration into systems fitted with windlass controls. It does not function as a control system, but only to count the amount of chain lowered or raised.

Public price TTC206.08 €

CL-P windlass base seal


Public price TTC7.63 €