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WINTEB, a special delivery

25 juil. 2016

SEIMI Marine Equipments has been selling Winteb air pipe-heads to different shipyards for several years now. The latest delivery is without doubt one of the largest ever made by the SEIMI team.

Special delivery to Piriou Shipyard - Air pipe-heads

Destined for the Piriou shipyard for their last polar-type ship, SEIMI Marine Equipments supplied all the air pipe-heads in large sizes, along with the special option of a heating element.

Once the quality had been controlled, a feature of our ISO 9001 certification, the material was dispatched to the shipyard for assembly over the following days.

Essential elements in the ventilation of boat tanks and ballasts, the WINTEB air pipe-heads are BV certified and offer a significant reduction in weight due to their aluminium structure. Their high performance design makes WINTEB the best innovative make on the market.

You too can adopt WINTEB technology with our HIAS or WIN air pipe-heads.