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8 juil. 2016

The shipyard PIRIOU historically implanted at Concarneau in France is one of the most polyvalent shipyards

Piriou shipbuilding, ship repair and naval engineering


Experts in the construction of boats up to 110m, from artisanal fishing to the industrial sector which provided their primary activity since the creation of company in 1964, their boats sail all around the world.

The shipyard is now able to build high technology boats for offshore, oil services, the military, etc…

Our relationship

The company SEIMI has partnered the PIRIOU shipyard for over 40 years, providing fishing equipment, helmsman pilot chairs, specific chairs, deck floodlights, manual searchlights, remote control searchlights, marine wipers, steering gears, engine monitoring, and air pipe heads.

SEIMI Marine Equipment works with the design and technical department to define the best equipment adapted to the boat construction sector. SEIMI also offers a « commissioning » service as well as training on installed products.

Last June, the SEIMI team visited the PIRIOU shipyard to verify and validate the installation of wipers on the B2M boat.

The system installed was the CAN-BUS DCS type, a new technology specially developed and promoted by SEIMI. It allows perfect synchronization of wipers thanks to its high performance network

You can now watch the demonstration of our latest wiper production DCS technology

« Our job is to bring together a smooth installation for the shipyard whilst proposing the most innovative and efficient solutions to the client » states SEIMI’s Project Manager.