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PLT 75 SOLAS Pneumatic Barrel Launcher Kit

Réf : PLT6000

Pneumatic line thower operating at 200/300 bar, enabling multiple shots to be fired with different projectiles and accessories. Ideal for maneuvers and training operations. Also complies with SOLAS 74/96 requirements.
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PLT 75 SOLAS Pneumatic Barrel Launcher Kit

Réf. PLT6000

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight :

  • Model : PLT Multi

It is commonly used in mooring, towing, ship to ship and general line transfer operations.

Launches an orange rubber ball that pulls a 5mm bright yellow floating line of 120 meters. The ball can land on deck and it is filled with water in order to avoid bouncing.

If the air cylinder is filled up to 300 bars (4350 psi), it will supply the base unit with enough air to perform 6 max pressure launches. Charged to 200 bars (2900 psi), you will have 4 max pressure launches.

For filling to 300 bars (4350 psi), simply connect the air cylinder to a standard scuba diving (breathing air) compressor with standard 5/8? threads according to DIN 477. For filling from a 200-bar compressor, PLT1308 Yoke (DIN477) and claw adapter PLT1315 is needed to connect the air cylinder and compressor

Launching distance with a dry and clean line of 5 mm is 90 meters.


  • Heaving line for mooring ropes during STS operations.
  • Heaving line for offshore vessels transferring materiel between main and support vessel
  • Heaving line during towing operations
  • Heaving line during mooring vessel to port
  • Heaving line during rescue operations
  • Used by some terminals to transfer mooring ropes
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