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Watertight barrel 50 L

Réf : BE54

Explore our range of watertight canisters, from 15 L to 50 L, perfectly suited to canoeing, semi-rigid sailing, regattas and all water sports activities.
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Watertight barrel 50 L

Réf. BE54

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 2,80 kg.

  • Dimensions : 518 x 410 mm
  • Diameter : 410 mm
  • Volume : 50 L
  • Height : 518 mm mm
  • Type : 300 mm
  • Material : Polyethylene

Ensure optimum protection for your belongings when you're out at sea with our watertight canister. Featuring extremely leak-proof screw-on lids, these cans are ideal for food storage, provide extra safety and are perfect for tools. Choose reliability to ensure optimum protection for your belongings on all your water adventures.