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Floating smoke generator DNS

Réf : 61694

Produces a dense orange smoke for 3 minutes.
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Floating smoke generator DNS

Réf. 61694

  • Dangerous material : oui
  • Weight : 0,40 kg.
  • Catalog page : 392

  • Expiration date : Burns for 3 minutes.
  • Weight : 0.40 kg
  • Color : Orange

  • Signal to be used during the day.
  • Burns for 3 minutes.
  • Orange colour.
  • Pull pull release.
  • Visibility : 10 km in good clear weather conditions and little wind.

  • Application : to pinpoint your location when rescue forces are on their way. Useful when a plane is above the zone. Just before throwing it to the water, hold the smoke away from yourself and allow a few seconds for the smoke to appear. When some black smoke appears, throw the can in the water, downwind.