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DURO SOLAS 275N lifejacket


DURO SOLAS lifejacket from Spinlock, ideal for applications that comply with SOLAS marine industry standards. The vest is ideal for cruise ships, superyachts, ferries, oil and gas installations, marine geophysics, tugs, pilot boats, offshore wind energy, fishing, aquaculture, energy, military missions, security, rescue, government, harbor master barges, high-speed craft, port workers, dockers, marine construction, dredging, and many other applications. It is SOLAS, CE, ISO and MCA approved, guaranteeing optimum safety for industrial applications.
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DURO SOLAS 275N lifejacket


  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 1,60 kg.

  • Kit : 2 UML PRO SENSOR kits, 2 60 g CO2 cartridges
  • Actual buoyancy : 275 N
  • Homologation : ISO 12402-2 (275 N), CE2010 SOLAS MSC200 (80)
  • Weight : 2002 g
  • Chest : Adjustable from 60 to 175 cm
  • Color : Black
  • Type of lifejacket : inflatable vest

The DURO SOLAS lifejacket is compact and easy to use. Easy donning is ensured by a 40 mm wide subcutaneous strap, offering quick donning like a vest with a secure front closure point. Its structured shape guarantees exceptional comfort and agility, with a special design for balanced weight distribution on shoulders and torso, enabling extended wear without fatigue.

Made from an extremely tough, ripstop fabric with strategic reinforcement, the DURO SOLAS vest incorporates a Pylon light for enhanced visibility during rescue operations. Its unique bladder ensures optimum airway clearance once in the water.

As for the inflation system, this vest uses an automatic mechanism with 2 UML PRO SENSOR kits and 2 x 60g CO2 cartridges, featuring two inflation chambers. Water-sensitive activation relies on a compressed paper capsule that dissolves on contact with water, releasing a spring to puncture the CO2 cylinder and inflate the vest. The cap is designed to be activated only by water flowing upwards, preventing activation by water, spray or rain. Additional safety is provided by a manual system activated by a pull-tab, and the vest features an inflation valve for use in all conditions.

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