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Manual kits 60gr

Réf : LIF2810

The lifejacket inflator from United Moulders (UM) employs a cartridge with a screw-on design, which triggers upon water contact. Inside the cartridge mechanism, there is a highly compressed, powerful spring that is secured by a paper element. Once the paper element dissolves, the spring is released, enabling the firing mechanism to puncture the CO2 cylinder. The CO2 gas then flows through the manifold, inflating the lifejacket. For additional safety, the automatic system includes a manual override feature. Users can pull the toggle to manually inflate the lifejacket.
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Manual kits 60gr

Réf. LIF2810

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight :
  • Catalog page : 376

  • Weight : 60 g
  • Release mechanism : Manual