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Respiratory apparatus Evacuation EEBD - 15min

Réf : SK1203

Compressed air breathing apparatus open circuit equipped with a hood for evacuation.
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Respiratory apparatus Evacuation EEBD - 15min

Réf. SK1203

  • Dangerous material : non
  • Weight : 6,00 kg.
  • Catalog page : 405

  • Expiration date : 15 minutes
  • Volume : 2 L
  • Working pressure : 300 bar

It's recommended to all the places where it is possible dangerous situations occur due to the presence of fire fumes or lack of oxygen. it is designed to guarantee the user with a continuous flow of air for 15 minutes through a bottle of 2 liters to 300 bar, connected directly to the tap / pressure regulator equipped with a pressure gauge that continuously indicates the pressure within the bottle.
The EEBD sk is also certified ATEX.

Delivered with :

  • 2l bottle 300 bar steel (empty)
  • Hood
  • Carrying case