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15 juin 2016

With its expertise in the industrial and professional sectors, SLCE offer a wide range of RO watermakers for the pleasure boating and yachting.

reverse osmosis watermaker with slce

Designed and produced by SLCE, Aqua-Base® is complete, simple and reliable. Exclusively manufactured by using quality material and perfect quality components. Aqua-base® is the subject of long-term test, constantly driver by the quality department of SLCE. Their expertise allows them to answer to requests for both pleasure boating world and yachting world.

Yatching range

An Aqua-Base® X range dedicated to the yachting world for a production from 30 to 90 liters per hours.

An Aqua-Base® Aruba range dedicated to yacht, charter and professional boat for a production from 60 to 300 liters per hours.

An Aqua-Base® Eco range for boat with low energy consumption on board for a production from 35 to 105 liters per hours.

Our relationship

For more than 4 years, SEIMI signed a partnership contract with SLCE to promote and develop the commercialization of the Aqua-Base® reverse osmosis watermakers in France. Our sales team have took technical courses, they are at your disposal to bring you the necessary information. We have decided to stock reverse osmosis watermakers and spare parts to make sure to answer to your emergency request.