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22 juin 2016

NorSap was established in 1969 as a one-man company. Over the years they've developed and strengthened our expertise and skill-sets within aluminum machininf and manufacturing.

History and activities of NorSap

Today NorSap is one of Scandinavia's leading producers of boating equipment and NorSap products are supplied worldwide with representatives and NorSap agents in more than 20 countries.

With an array of mordern tooling machines and a large, well-equipped facilityn they are flexible and able to adapt quiclky to specific demands. NorSap makes use of the latest 3D modelling softwar and in-house engineers and designers to focus on effective, flexible solutions to tough problems. One of our greatest strenghs is being able to service a demanding market with customer specific, made to order products. NorSap actively particpates with this customers, from supplying prototype sketches to fine-tunning the final solutions for customer approval and production.

NorSap's principal products are table & seat columns and other equipment for the pleasure boat marker as weel as line of helmsman and other complete chairs for virtually any environment ord industry. NorSap helmsman and operator chairs are in use today on-board fishing vessels, supply ships, passenger ferries, cruise ships, offshore rigs, navy vessels and even submarines.

Collaboration between SEIMI and NorSap

NorSap says : " We has worked with Seimi in many years. Seimi have sold our NorSap products in several segments and to demanding customers as navy and large corporations. Seimi has been an important partner for NorSap and represented our products on a professional way. Seimi has also lined up in challenging situations and been a good partner in this. Seimi has a good organization that is professional logistics of good flow." Seimi is proud of this excellent collaboration.