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19 juin 2016

Houdini Marine Windows Ltd based in the UK, have been designing and manufacturing aluminium framed windows and doors within the commercial workboat industry for over 50 years

conception et fabrication de vitre marine et portes etanches

Seimi’s and Houdini’s extensive knowledge of the marine industry allows us to understand individual specifications and ensure our high quality products suit your vessel.

We have a number of different window frame sections dependent on the structure, glazing and the overall appearance you would like to achieve.  Our skilled workforce take pride in designing and manufacturing products to fulfil your requirements.  If you need an opening window for ventilation or communication, then we can design a sliding, hinged, half or full-drop window.  Fixed windows can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes and supplied pre-cut if you need a clear view screen. Frames can be either anodised or powder coated.  We fit glass toughened in accordance with EN12150, however other toughened glasses such as ISO614 can also be supplied.  Windows can be single or double glazed.

In addition, Houdini provide a range of doors.  Quick and easy installation Light Duty Doors where the door is needed in a sheltered environment or internally.  Also robust, but lightweight watertight Heavy Duty Doors for offshore vessels.  Our highly successful Heavy Duty Doors can be fitted with either independently operated dog handles or a multipoint locking system, to allow you to open or close with a single handle.  A window or half glazed doors, if required, allow easy viewing.  Doors can be fixed or sliding, either weathertight or watertight