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Francis searchlights

21 juin 2016

Francis Searchlights Limited have designed and manufactured innovative, high quality and competitive lighting products since 1901. The company has achieved a world wide reputation of the highest standard.

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Company and activities

From the purpose built 18,000sq ft factory premises in Bolton, United Kingdom, the innovative products are developed and manufactured, and include; marine searchlights, vehicle lighting, security and architectural units.

Francis Searchlights Limited is part of the Fort Vale Groupe of companies, a dynamic and market driven enterprise with a strategic locations throughout the world. Clients vary across a wide spectrum, from commercial marine, naval, army, security and prisoons, through to architetutral lightinig concepts and projects. The company holds ISO9001 approval, with additional approvals for Minstry of Defence and shipbuilders around the world.

Searchlight products are available ex stock in configurations covering remote control, cabin control and manual deck mounted, offering total flexibility. A variety of light sources are available as standard, starting with tungsten halogen, with options of the additional efficiency of metal halide and go through to the high power xenon arc range.

The company is able to react quickly and proficiently with all new design requirements, enabling the product to be designed, manufactured and delivered on time and at the right price.

Collaboration between SEIMI and Francis Searchlights

Francis has worked with Seimi for over 25 years and have an exceptional business relationship, working together to serve the customers every need. Seimi have gained extensive experience in the supply and service of the Francis brand. Francis have complete trust and loyalty in the Team Seimi in achieving a 100% success in 'Customer Service and Support'

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