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Autonautic Instrumental

10 juin 2016

Autonautic Instrumental is a company created in 1974 and located in Barcelona with more than 42 years of experience in the conception and fabrication of high quality marine compasses.

compass and clock


Their cloks, chronometers and weather instruments combien precision and solidity. The company looks very carefully at all the details that make difference. All these instruments meet the directives MED/SOLAS 96/98 CE which deisgnate an optimal security. Since 2004, the activity has been oriented towards exportation and today the production is exporting more than 60% across five continents.

Collaboration Autonautic Instrumental and SEIMI

For a long time, Autonautic Instrumental have a good commercial relationship. Autonautic says "  Seimi represents one of the most important clients of Autonautic Instrumental. It is a durable relationship which is stronger as time goes on. For Autonautic Instrumental, SEIMI, is a model distributor because it is always looking for new opportunities and our team has a perfect mastery of Autonautic products."