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Opening of a new building for the French Rescuers

17 avr. 2018

The Seimi Company, official supplier for the French rescuers, was invited to the inauguration of their new building.


On Saturday April the 7th, the Seimi team was invited to the inauguration of the SNSM's (French lifeguards) new building.

This new structure was designed by the architect Jean François Revert. There used to be an old building from the 70s, made for the same purpose, but wasn’t very practical. The work process started a year ago, along with the help of twenty local businesses. This new building is very well arranged; it is modern and responds perfectly to the French lifeguards’ needs.

The French rescuers had to invest 2 million Euros in this new project, because of the aging fleet, and having a boat is quite expensive, maintaining them and repairing them is a sustainable and affordable way.

This new workshop will be the main warehouse for all different coast guard points all over France. Everything will be centralized in this workshop for better control and maintenance. The main purpose of this building: repairing and maintaining all of the French lifeguards’ boats. This building is equipped with technical materials such as a self-propelled carriage to gain time in the work process.

This warehouse aims to modernize the French fleet, modernize its management and training, a great project to the image of the French rescuers. Their commitment was heartily saluted at the opening.


Philippe Gerard, the Seimi’s operating manager was present along with Christophe Desriac, the PSF director.