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New skills propelled by Hamilton Jet

9 sept. 2016

From 29th August to 2nd September, the SEIMI team engaged in developing the distribution of Hamilton in France were in England at the EMA to participate in technical training on HydroJet propulsion.

Technical Training for SEIMI team at Hamilton


Following the agreement signed between Hamilton and SEIMI, and in accordance with our quality control, the technical training of our team was rapidly put in place. Our French Hamilton team is now operational and ready to provide high quality service to our customers.

During the trip to the UK, the question was raised as to the implementation of a national technical assistance network. Many potentially interesting companies will be visited during the month of October in order to select future after-sales and service points.

After completing the training Olivier Yhuel, Franck Abraham, Rémi Quidelleur and Daniel Kerebel received certification of their knowledge of the Hydrojet HJ / HM series – the Modular Electronic (MECS) and Blue Arrow Control systems.

Word from CEO Philippe GERARD

“The distribution of a new product or a new range is always a choice made by our team. The selection of a new manufacturer is based upon several different requirements that we have established in order to guarantee that our customers receive reliable, efficient and robust products.

Two of our criteria are well understood: the technical and internal skills required to advise and support our customers during the processes of selection and installation.

SEIMI only uses technologies that we understand, which is the hallmark of our company’s credibility and that of its collaborators.

Throughout the year we plan several internal and external technical training programs to ensure our skills and knowledge remain up-to date.”

Participants' feeling

Rémi : “This was interesting and useful training, allowing us to determine the characteristics of the products but also to feel confident in knowing what we are talking about, making you want to discover the product and work with it. Jim and Matthew did an exceptional job; they are approachable guys who know how to pass on their knowledge”

Daniel : “ We received a warm welcome from the Hamilton Jet team, 12 people fascinated by their job and who inspire you to work with them. The technical and practical parts of the mechanics taught"

 Assembly and disassembly of propellers

Checking spare parts

Demonstration of the electronical system MECS

Demonstration of the electronical system Blue Arrow