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LED projectors: Innovation & Performance

30 sept. 2019

LED projectors: Innovation & Performance

LED is gradually replacing other light sources in our lives, and the same goes for pleasure boats or merchant ships.

This technology allows a reduction of the electric consumption but also a significant gain on the operations of maintenance.

To meet the demands of the most demanding professionals, as well as boaters, Seimi has selected a range of 12-24V DC or 115-230V AC LED spotlights specifically designed for the navy.

  • Manual or servo searchlights controlled with powerful beams equivalent to XENON technology.
  • Deck projectors offering zone lighting quality and color rendering close to daylight.
  • Technical lighting for living areas, corridors, machine room, ATEX environment.


There has to be a model adapted to your needs,

so do not hesitate to contact us to select your LED lighting! /