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HamiltonJet, a new website for France!

21 juin 2019

HamiltonJet France

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HamiltonJet has been providing jet propulsion solutions since the 1950s and has delivered more than 50,000 hydrojets mounted on boats of all sizes around the world. Based on this experience, HalmiltonJet knows the variety of operating conditions, situations encountered, and tasks that a current boat must be able to perform every day, throughout its life.


3 available ranges: Find the model adapted to your activity

  • HJ range : Includes models for power ratings from 260 to 900 kW (350 to 1200 hp).
  • HM Range : Includes models for power ratings up to 3500 kW (4690 hp).
  • HT range : Includes models for power ratings up to 5500 kW (7372 hp).


3 Available models: Find the most suitable for your activity

  • Blue Arrow: BlueARROW is a next-generation electronic control system for HamiltonJet power boats.
  • JETanchor: JETanchor offers a range of new features with two automatic operating modes: the "hold in station" mode and the "virtual anchor" mode.
  • MECS: MECS is a software configurable control system for waterjet steering and reverse, engine acceleration and transmission control.

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