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Design and creation of an engine exhaust line

15 mai 2019

With our partner Halyard, we can work on complete supplies of the engine exhaust line


Our design office collaborates with the shipyard and the ship's architect to design and integrate the engine exhaust line into the 3D model of the vessel while taking into account the various positioning constraints, available space on board and safety of the line to avoid any risk of water returning to the engine.

Once the line is drawn, we can then carry out a verification calculation of the counter-pressure level of the exhaust gas passing through the line and compare it with the maximum permissible backpressure of the engine. This ensures the safety of the exhaust system and the engine.

Through our partner Halyard, we can work on complete supplies of the engine exhaust system, from the riser with the stainless steel water injection head to the outlet valve.

Heads of water injection; Halyard has a real know-how on these parts in order to ensure a good diffusion of the water in the exhaust system while preserving the best possible inertia and thus limiting the level of counterpressure.

On series of ships, in realization of dry parts (ex: Riser); we are also able to make production templates directly on board the ship to ensure a perfect similarity between the different vessels.

Silencer & Waterlock polyester; Halyard uses its expertise to ensure the best possible noise attenuation, and offers different types of standard or custom silencer depending on the integration constraints in the ship.

All the polyester components are tested on a test bench to check their tightness. All silencers including accessories; elbows or tubes, have an Approval Lloyd's Register type.

Flexible hoses or flexible sleeves; Halyard makes all the pieces by winding. Sleeves can be supplied in silicone or EPDM depending on the required T °. These parts also have a Type Approval certificate.

Insulation of dry parts: We offer custom-made insulation socks, adapted to the casing of the dry and ready to strap parts for a quick and easy on-board assembly.

Soundproofing for machine room: Halyard also offers soundproofing plates for machine room. MARITEX plates, available in different thicknesses for different attenuation levels, are also Lloyds certified.

Example of a complete realization; study supply of the exhaust line on board the Yacht TIMELESS: