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A new coworker into our design office

5 sept. 2016

Welcome to Enora PICHON, who joins the team for projects and made to measure marine equipment.

SEIMI welcomes a new coworker

Created in 2005 and managed by Oliver YHUEL, project manager at SEIMI, the design office is developing with the arrival of this new coworker.

Coming from a Mechanical and Production Engineering DUT (French exam), Enora will study this year to ENSTA in Brest, where she will take the FIPA course for 3 years in apprenticeship. This course is the same as Thibault DUVAL took as a design engineer and chargé d’affaires.

Recruited to the position of studies assistant, Enora will have for mission this year, project feasibility, pre-studies, outsourcing, which will facilitate the work and approach of the specific requests. Throughout her engineering course, Enora will have the opportunity to practice the different covered domains during her apprenticeship:

  • Supporting project
  • Language
  • Organization
  • Management
  • Quality
  • Electronic system
  • Mechanical system
  • Data processing

A program that our company is able to offer for this type of course by apprenticeship.

It is with a great pleasure that we welcome her into our company !