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50 years of safety and navigation!

27 juin 2019

50 years of safety and navigation for professionals!


Safety and navigation

Since 2000, we are a major player in the safety equipment for people and vessels.

We select the best performing products on the market for the professionals’ requirements and needs, military and pleasure boats users.

We received the 2009 innovation prize, for prevention and safety, in particular with our Multifunction Safety Terminal.

BSM terminal

The BSM terminal is characterized by a unique concept, which combines several security, communication and information functions all gathered in one place. This terminal is perfect for the cities needs: to secure seaside, rivers, canals and all water areas.

This terminal is associated with the SILZIG lifebuoy which is patented N ° FR2901238 and has the approval MMF (French Merchant Marine) issued by Bureau Véritas.

Lifebuoy SILZIG

This buoy can have 3 functions:

  • Flotation aid to replace a crown buoy or horseshoe buoy.
  • Tracting the man overboard to the boat.
  • Onboard hoisting with adapted handles.

The Silzig lifebuoy is a real life-saving device invented by Alain Daoulas, a state sailor in the French Navy, in Brest. This buoy, manufactured by a reinsertion workshop in Brest, is part of the company's approach, which is to promote local and social actions.