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50 years of marine electricity

28 févr. 2019

50 years of marine electricity for professionals!


50 years of marine electricity for professionals!

Since the beginning, Seimi specialized in marine electricity, starting with the sale of deck lights and lighting. It was in 1997 that 117 wipers were sold for the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier. Since then, Seimi has become the leading provider of windscreen wipers and projectors for foreign professional and marine shipyards.

It is very important to control and manage electricity on board, whether you are on a fishing boat, a pleasure craft, or a trading boat. Seimi strives to bring you the best technical solutions and that is why we work with the most rigorous and innovative suppliers. For 50 years, Seimi’s electricity range continues to grow and is one of the richest chapters in our catalog with: wipers, deck lights, light bulbs, navigation lights, energy, ventilation, electrical panels and cables, sound and communications on board.