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50 years of fishing and hydraulics for professionals!

21 août 2019

50 years of fishing and hydraulics for professionals!

For 50 years, the equipment of fishing boats and the management of hydraulics is in the DNA of Seimi Marine Equipment.

Our teams have contributed to the improvement of working conditions at sea with automated capture gear, for trap fishing, net fishing or trawling. We have selected a complete range of gear adapted to the various fishing professions in partnership with Rapp Hydema and Spencer & Carter. And for longlining, the Mustad brand is known for the quality of its hooks on all the seas of the globe. Automatic longline systems, hooks, lines, line-twists, reels, net-nets, capstans, trawls, purse seines, and all fishing accessories are available.

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For hydraulics, Seimi Marine Equipment helps you choose hydraulic pumps and motors, hydraulic stand-alone units, accessories and components, clutches and maintenance solutions. The pumps can be coupled directly or, via mechanical or electromagnetic clutches. The size of the tank and the filtration are important elements, because correctly dimensioned, they will make it possible to improve the yield and the lifetime of the equipment’s. SEIMI teams will help you find the best solution for your boat.

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