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5 sept. 2016

A brand new vessel arrives at Iroise Sea (TSM group). The highly anticipated Penzer ship will help to develop new activities on wind farms.

The Penzer vessel by TSM Iroise Mer - SEIMI Marine Equipments


Back in 1985, we met a young skipper called Yvon Lagadec who was already involved in launching a catamaran for fishing nets at AGMAR (Quimper), a vessel he would later operate in Le Conquet.

An innovative concept

Yvon has always thought about achieving the best and most efficient operating conditions for his work at sea. The width of the catamaran provided a large working platform, offering significantly superior working conditions to other traditional ships.

An applied know-how

It is in this same spirit that all boats at Iroise Sea (TSM group) have been studied and designed. This new work on underwater vessels led to the conception by Loïc Thomas and Yvon Lagadec of a polyvalent boat, capable of responding to all types of mission or application.

Our intervention

At the request of TSM Iroise Mer, the DELAVERGNE Shipyard was selected to construct the 27 meter long boat, named the Penzer…

Being one of SEIMI’s partners, it was only natural that the shipyard equipped the Penzer with the following material :


We would like to thank the DELAVERGNE shipyard and the TSM Group for their trust in the choice of our products.

Many thanks to Yvon and Yannick for their continued loyalty. It has been a great pleasure to work on this project with you.